Let’s Do This!

At PlanitEasy our mission is to turn competitors into collaborators. That’s why we’re asking that travel agents, tour operators, DMCs and all other travel industry professionals come over to our website and create a profile so they can join our growing community.  

The goal is to create a space where industry insiders can work together, seek advice from one another, and send requests to each other so that the entire travel industry thrives.  With all the competition out there these days we wanted to build a community that turns competition into collaboration. We don’t believe that it is a zero sum game.

Here’s how we think we can help each other:

1).Collaborate with other agents/agencies so you don’t have to lose a client. If you’re an agent specializing in a specific area but one of your favorite clients asks you to create a trip for them in an area you’re not familiar with, reach out to one of our fellow agents in the community who DOES specialize in that area and work together.  Decide how to split the commissions so that it’s beneficial for both of you!

2).Easily search vetted suppliers to work with and send requests directly to them.

3) Educate each other. .As fellow users share blogs, tips, resources, recommendations and itineraries we will all learn from one another.

4). Make referrals and introductions.

5). Promote your brand to your peers.  On your profile show the places you specialize in, the awards you’ve won, the certifications you hold, and the client reviews you’ve earned.  Let your peers see how awesome you are and let future colleagues see how you could be an indispensable collaborator.
Come on over if you’re passionate about travel, the travel industry, and your fellow travelers. www.planiteasy.com Or email me personally at alex@planiteasy.com with any questions.


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