Top 5 Tips For Rebranding Your Travel Company

Rebranding your company could be the key to re-energizing your current customers and attracting new ones. But let’s be clear, successfully rebranding your company’s image, message and culture isn’t easy. A successful strategy requires more than a new new logo and an updated website design. Consider these tips before deciding whether or not rebranding is the right move for your company.

Understand Your Target Audience: If you’re thinking about attracting a new demographic, do your research. Identify their likes and dislikes. Figure out what your new audience is passionate about and what drives their purchases. If your company can meet the needs of this new demographic, then incorporate those findings into your rebranding strategy.

Consider Rethinking Your Name: When Steve Jobs returned to Apple he changed the name from Apple Computers to Apple. This allowed him to expand the brand beyond computers to iPods, iPads, iWatches, etc. Maybe you’re hoping to expand your business beyond Italy, but you have the word Italy in your name. It’s probably time to think about dropping it.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: Remember that there are parts of your company that work, and that your existing customers have come to love about your brand. Make sure you identify what is still working so you can be sure to keep those elements. Be sure to have a clear message to your existing customers explaining why the change you’re making is better for them. Let them know that you’re still offering the things they love, but now you’re offering more.

Be Authentic: Consumers, especially these days, are perceptive. They know when a company isn’t representing themselves authentically. Remember, that your strength is your authenticity. Make sure everything from your new logo to your new mission statement is a true reflection of your company and it’s culture. If you read through your material there should be nothing that sounds like something another travel brand can offer. Your customers are buying into YOU, so make it very clear that you are offering what only YOU can provide.

Take Your Time: You don’t want to rush this process. Take the time you need to research and strategize. It’s never a good idea to implement a rebranding strategy when your company is feeling pressure internally or externally. Rebranding is a big decision, you want to make it from a position of control.

BONUS TIP: Upgrade what’s average. By that I mean, when you look through your site, your mission statement, your About page, etc., if you think any of it is just “eh”, UPGRADE IT.